Research & Learning

Our goal is to provide a platform to academicians, students and professionally experienced industry engineers with an opportunity to share their experience, discuss market requirement, discuss about latest upcoming technologies and collaboratively create learner-centered destination to offer practical solutions to the problems of business and industry.

The establishment of a Research and Learning center will motivate Innovation in technology and Creativity in ideas among all the professionals of NITTPL. The centre is therefore undertaking research, training, and consulting activities in the area of computer & Internet security and Communication Technology.

In order to increase the awareness and knowledge about Web Application development, Computer & Internet Security, Forensic science and also to produce experts in this domain, centre holds short term training courses, Internships for engineers in these area. In addition, once sufficient expertise is developed, centre plans to undertake consulting activities for various agencies for designing complex web applications systems and design security policies, designing of networks or other information management systems for secure use, penetration testing, security audit etc.

NITTPL R&L center hosts several research projects, collaborative efforts that build on creative work by project teams to develop robust examples of integrating technology.

The vision of the centre is to become the nodal Research & Learning centre in the country for all aspects of computer & Internet security and to provide efficient solutions to various IT and Non-IT organisationgovernmental and non-governmental organizations on the security issues and help them in this regard.