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  • nSecrypt is a powerful public & private key cryptography based on algorithm developed by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman.The nSecrypt is dynamic & reliable. It modulates with each encryption to convert the information into a form that only the person or machine intended to receive the information will understand it. This will generate public and private keys at every encryption, unless you have agreed on these keys, nothing will be able to recover the information that has been encoded by nSecrypt.

    nSecrypt enables people to share files, folders & drives securely with individuals and groups inside and outside the organization. Whether is in email, flash drive, portable media, or stoned on corporate network nSecrypt will secure it. With nSecrypt, encryption or decryption is fast. nSecrypt also maintain operational efficiency with transparent encryption and decryption that causes virtually no interruption to users or system performance.

    nSecrypt establishes a new era for modern data encryption solution with secure public & private key. Any file, folder and drive can be encrypted with the help of nSecrypt. nSecrypt has a clickable interface to support your encryption needs.

    The keys changes with each encryption which ensures the security of the information (file, folder, drive).Your data is the most important assest of your business or organization which lies unprotected at many instances. It must be protected at all cost from information thieves and others. nSecrypt is a solution which can protects your data, also it keeps other from invading your privacy and it can assure that your most popular assets can never be compromised.Files, folders and drive can be easily encrypted and decrypted using nSecrypt.

    Through nSecrypt you can select any folder containing encrypted files and it will only decrypt the encrypted file without damaging other files present in the folder.Share keys with internal collaborators : When the solution is deployed in an organization, once an employee has encrypted a sensitive file, he or she can send this file to another employee inside the organization (e.g. by e-mail, Skype, USBs, DVDs etc). To decrypt the file, the receiving employee must have a private key.