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Software Development

Software Development
Neutrino IT Technologies Private Limited is an IT company dedicated to help the clients worldwide to develop and transform their organizations at every step of the value chain. We partner with our clients to achieve success in the global market place with our specialized expertise in providing onsite and offsite IT services and solutions. The range of NITT's services cover the entire spectrum from IT architecture to customized application development, migration and integration, maintenance, enhancement, testing and IT enabled services such as data processing units etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning
When you invest in information technology, you do so with the intent of improving your business prospects, your competitive advantage, and reducing overall costs. But unless your systems work together effectively and are integrated into your business operations, chances are you're operating below your full potential.

Customer Relationship Management
Providing effective CRM that directly meets a company's specialized needs demands flexibility. The requirements needed to attract, maintain, and service customers will be different for every company. There is no one product or approach that can meet every CRM demand. And while today's electronic business environment provides more opportunities, it also presents technological challenges.

Supply Chain Management
Supply chain solutions don’t just simplify the buy-sell process, they cut waste out of supply chains by letting trading partners share demand forecasts, production schedules, and inventory data. Neutrino IT Technologies Private Limited leverages extensive knowledge of supply chain processes, to deliver supply-chain systems that are tailored to meet the needs of business partners.
We reduce operational costs and increase competitive performance through seamless collaboration with business partners.
Our Supply Chain Management solutions are not just online catalogs, websites, or process optimizations; rather we deliver value through a holistic approach that spans Supply Chain Planning, Execution, Consulting, Implementation and Development.

SCM Planning

  • Return-on-investment assessment of Supply Chain initiatives, through business process analysis and study of existing IT landscape.
  • A high-level Solution Architecture for achieving Supply Chain Excellence and attaining a web-enabled business model.
  • Selection of suitable IT packages and technologies for proposed solution architecture.
  • A high-level program prioritizing various projects with timeline and cost implications.
  • Demand Planning - Implementation of Demand Management solutions span Demand Forecasting, integration of Order entry systems with Demand Planning systems, as well as web enabling existing Demand Planning and Forecasting solutions.
  • Supply Chain Master Planning Through constraint-based Master Planning, We enable enterprises to achieve global visibility of inventory. This also includes Modeling of Supply Chain Planning solution and integration with ERP or inventory management systems.
  • Demand Fulfillment Implementation of leading Demand Fulfillment solutions for a 24X7 delivery promise based on actual fulfillment capability, and integration with Sales and Distribution and inventory management modules.

SCM Execution

  • Web enabling and integrating Warehouse management solutions across geographies.
  • Transportation Planning and Scheduling solutions, Development of shipment and transportation package, web enabling of existing shipment solution, and integration of Shipment solutions for better visibility and more efficient management of distribution side inventory.
  • Integration of Supply Chain Planning solution with procurement solution, development of web based collaborative procurement solution, facilitating Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR).
  • Assisting clients in business process definition and modeling of SCM product based on business requirements, developing prototype, and solution rollout.
  • Integration of SCM solution with various surrounding systems, typically with ERP systems or other legacy execution systems.

Neutrino IT Technologies Private Limited has the technical expertise and the hands-on experience to maximize the performance and efficiency of your entire IT investment. And when we implement an ERP solution, we do so with a focus on improving your potential for profit. A well-implemented ERP solution will streamline communication with customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. It will improve product and service implementation for a faster time-to-market. And it will allow you to expand your technology infrastructure with ease, as. your business grows.

The Neutrino Difference: We provide a flexible process that allows you to plan for growth and change. In addition, we will design and implement an intermediate solution while a more complete, long-term plan is established.

These are the challenges that we meet every day. We know the products being used, we understand how they work, and we know how to effectively and efficiently implement and maintain them. We have the flexibility and know-how to provide a CRM solution that is designed to meet your individual needs - no matter what they may be.

The NITT Difference: Information is the single most powerful business tool for attaining and maintaining customer business. Utilizing our knowledge of existing practices, NITTPL will show you how to effectively collect that information, then how to best utilize it for efficient CRM.

We at NITT have been in the IT business since years with a well proficient team and have the tremendous experience that is required. Over the years we have developed state of the art facilities at our offshore development centers in INDIA and are equipped with the most up to date voice and data communication links and the hardware required for IT projects of varying complexity.