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Network Solution

NITT provides a full range of solutions designed to enhance the security and preparedness of the public and private sector organizations. We bring together a world-class network of experienced professionals that have sound technical knowledge and domain expertise in the areas of Security and have had many years of experience working in or with the Department of Defense, the military services, the Department of Computer Science and Network Security, state and local governments, and a wide range of commercial security equipment and services companies.

We specialize in Internet security solutions including UNIX systems administration, custom programming in multiple languages on a variety of platforms, network design and implementation, Web server implementation, database design and implementation.

We provide our clients with a best-in-class yet cost-effective method for providing complete internet defense. NITT is a Managed Service Provider for Internet Security Services. As the only provider of complete security on demand, we make security easily available and affordable for all businesses. Our on-demand security services protect thousands of computer networks nationwide, offering more than 50 different technologies on a subscription basis. Our services are offered both on a Network (in-the-cloud) and CPE basis.

Managed services include:

  • Intrusion Defense including Firewall, Intrusion Prevention and Detection, Web Browsing Antivirus.
  • E-mail Defense including Antivirus Filtering, Spam Filtering, Content Filtering, Encrypted Email, Email archiving, Hosted Email/Calendar.
  • Vulnerability Defense including Internal/External Scanning, Website Monitoring, Phishing and Pharming, Rogue Network Access.
  • Secure Networks including Managed VPN/WAN, Help Desk, Network Connectivity, Hosting.
  • User Defense including Web Content Filtering, Remote Access (VPN), Identity Tokens, e-Security Training.
  • System Defense including Antivirus, Patch Management, HDS-HIPS, System Auditing, Remote Backup

What are the concerns?

Due to the devastating effects of hackers, spam and malicious viruses across the internet, security is a major concern for all companies with ongoing connectivity to the internet.
The right solutions including a firewall can help you to manage network traffic and even improve employee productivity by managing and filtering out non-business related web sites.
Neutrino IT Technologies Private Limited has an extensive staff devoted to network security and related issues. We evaluate networks from an outsider’s point of view, with a second set of eyes and skills that can go through your LAN/WAN environment and report with extensive documentation and recommendations (if any) on how to improve the security of your network.