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Business Solutions/Interactive Marketing

We leverage technologies that enable us to integrate solutions spanning from the demand chain to the supply chain. Our eBusiness Integration engineers and consultants have extensive experience developing and integrating comprehensive business solutions for middle market companies. We have integrated digital storefronts with back office financial systems, Web-based CRM solutions with ERP systems, and online procurement solutions with systems used by trading partners over the Internet.

NITTPL E-Business Intelligence services include:

e-customer analytics:
Organizations are provided with a precise, 360 degree view of online customers. Customers are profiled based on their demographics, browsing behavior, purchase history, etc. This helps in the measurement of customer attrition rate, customer profitability, etc.

e-marketing and e-sales:
This feature allows organizations to develop focused marketing strategies to target customers effectively. Target marketing is enabled through analyses of market segmentation, cross-sell/up-sell opportunity identification, lead qualification, measurement of online campaign effectiveness, prediction of customer propensity to buy, shopping cart analysis for product/category management and measurement of sales organization performance.

This feature aims at providing the answer to that vital question: How effective is my e-business? This is effected through analyses of the effectiveness of online services, measurement of customer satisfaction levels, analysis of customer complaints, etc.

This allows the definition of intelligent rules that are used to personalize content based on visitors' browsing behavior.

Site Management:
This provides a set of analyses that provide insights into web site activity. This in turn helps improve web site effectiveness and manage future growth.

Email Marketing Services:

Neutrino IT Technologies email marketing service offers outstanding email design flexibility and industry leading tracking and reporting.

  • Import or Create your personalized HTML email messages with our easy-to-use, MS-Word compatible editor.
  • Use one of our professionally designed HTML email templates or upload your own design with our easy-to-use editor.
  • Manage all your email marketing lists with our extensive list management features. Don't worry about removing bounced email addresses or those who ask to be removed NITTPL email marketing software automates it all.
  • Create online questionnaires with our Survey tool. Great for customer and client evaluations, feedback and profiling.
  • Send a one-time blast or sign up for the monthly email marketing service customized for your own needs. Contact us soon.
  • Supply Chain Master Planning Through constraint-based Master Planning, We enable enterprises to achieve global visibility of inventory. This also includes Modeling of Supply Chain Planning solution and integration with ERP or inventory management systems.
  • Demand Fulfillment Implementation of leading Demand Fulfillment solutions for a 24X7 delivery promise based on actual fulfillment capability, and integration with Sales and Distribution and inventory management modules.